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From future roof designs to bulletproof windows
Once the required functionality is in place, folji tal-polikarbonat offer more possibilities for both interior and exterior applications, added Dr. Benz: "For example, molded clone multilayer materials can provide good insulation properties similar to triple glazing. Because of its extreme flexibility of use, the molded clone sheet is easy to mold while remaining strong and durable, and it also outperforms many other materials in terms of design freedom." In addition, the sheet has high UV stability and scratch resistance. For the panels themselves, the molded clone Hygar grade also offers extremely high safety standards, and the range is not only bullet-proof but also explosion-proof. These properties are particularly important in the construction of customer service areas as well as public buildings.

Polycarbonate sheets have enabled the bold creation of imaginative designs such as the Airbus A380 airport terminal, the new railway station in Wuhan, China, and the German pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. As part of the new Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed railway, the Wuhan station is constructed from 16-25 mm thick multi-layer sheets, which not only provide a modern appearance but also provide a sophisticated design for the entire infrastructure. Under a 54,000 m2 roof made of polycarbonate, a majestic building of the future was created.

Noise protection walls in public places are a completely different field of application for multifunctional panels. On both sides of the highway, gray concrete walls designed to protect local residents are everywhere, but they lack a certain visual appeal. Wim Van Eynde, Global Project Manager for Public Transport at Bayer MaterialScience's Polycarbonate Sheet Division, explains: "Transparent walls made from sheets up to 18 mm thick can meet all the relevant legal requirements while blending in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. They are not only easy to use and cost-effective, they are also environmentally friendly and resistant to graffiti and chemicals." The specially developed flame-retardant grade meets the stringent requirements for fire and smoke toxicity.

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